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Approximate review count combining reviews from sourceXchange and BuiltByBit.

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Customize Nebula's panel beyond what other themes can reach and make Pterodactyl reflect your unique taste.

Speed up your workflow with Nebula's unique keyboard shortcuts feature: Navigate and run actions at the speed of light.

Only on Nebula.

These are exclusive features that you will only get when you choose the Nebula Pterodactyl theme compared to similarly-selling themes.

See how Nebula stacks up!

compared to arix ⎯⎯

Advanced alerts with Markdown support.

Both the Arix Pterodactyl theme and Nebula allow for adding alerts to your panel, but only Nebula allows for formatting your alert with Markdown giving you more flexibility.

compared to unix ⎯⎯

File manager layouts.

Bored of your standard list-only file manager? Switch to Nebula and toggle between grid and list modes on the fly!

compared to stellar ⎯⎯

Made a mistake? Reset it.

Nebula Designer allows you to fix any mistakes you made with it's factory reset button, which Stellar lacks.

compared to arix ⎯⎯

Made and works with Blueprint.

Nebula is extensible through Blueprint and works with most extensions without manually editing files, saving you time, which you won't get with Arix theme.

Nebula goes even further.

Elevate your Pterodactyl theme even higher compared to Arix theme with Nebula. Being one of the best Pterodactyl themes and being 4x less expensive than Arix, while providing more.

Product price~15 USD~50 USD~25 USD~12 USD
Advanced theme editor 
Advanced alerts with Markdown  
Extensible through Blueprint  
Color palette with live preview  
Additional palette presets  
Keyboard shortcuts   
Sidebar icon customization   
Multitasking soon   

Ri Rivanode

Nebula has allowed us to shape the Pterodactyl dashboard into something that no other theme or product can provide. Nebula has allowed us to brand, recolour and re-imagine how we can display the back end of hosting into a simple and understandable front end. has and will continue to use Nebula to improve our customers experience and satisfaction.

• • • • • Clawb1t from

dy dynotr0n

Best Pterodactyl theme I have ever used by far. Also the installation is super simple.

• • • • • Apr 13, 2024 on BuiltByBit

Mr MrAstro_

This theme is simply the best. The ability to customize this is amazing, another great thing is the fact that its a one command install (same for uninstalling) without modifying Pterodactyl's source. This theme is currently the best in comparison to Arix and/or Stellar.

• • • • • Apr 16, 2024 on BuiltByBit

EU EUGameHost being an affordable game server host with a small team looks to ensure our infrastructure is easy to maintain while still providing our clients the ergonomic features they expect. Blueprint has exceeded are expectations in this regard, the setup and updating of extensions is easy while the Nebula theme is attractive and highly customizable. Other Blueprint extensions are feature rich and reliable so we do highly rate this system.

• • • • • Aaron from

Se SeaswimmerTheFsh

Nebula is by far the best Pterodactyl theme I've used, it's extremely customizable and integrates great with the other extensions I use. The developer, prplwtf, is very nice and responds pretty quickly to support inquiries/bug reports/feature requests. Considering the price, this is an awesome deal! Cannot recommend this theme enough.

• • • • • Apr 27, 2024 on BuiltByBit

Sy SydneyWaffles

Beautiful theme, and I love that you can customize it. Would recommend to anyone who wants a nice looking theme for their Pterodactyl.

• • • • • Jul 14, 2024 on BuiltByBit

Go Gomorrha

Definitely the best theme on the market today, especially because of the (almost) endless design possibilities.

• • • • • Apr 29, 2024 on sourceXchange

co coisasgamer4

This theme is awesome, it's simple and I can make anything with it, it's like that theme opened gates for what I can do with my Pterodactyl panel, I love the simplicity and in my opinion better than Arix theme.

• • • • • Apr 19, 2024 on BuiltByBit

Su SuperEvilLuke

Amazing theme, Very customizable, easy to install and configure! Couldn't ask for anything more.

• • • • • Jul 16, 2024 on sourceXchange

Sa Savalet

It's a very good theme, quite customizable, but it doesn't handle other add-ons very well. But the developer is there to help you, and it's always easy to modify the theme to suit your needs in the code.

• • • •Jan 14, 2024 on BuiltByBit

With Nebula, you can provide your customers with an unforgettable experience without breaking the bank. Thanks to our industry-leading Pterodactyl theme designer/editor, you'll be up and running in no-time.

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